Do You Need to Talk to a Lawyer?

I was hurt on the job

Workers' compensation is supposed to cover your medical expenses and lost income when you are unable to work. But the process is complicated and bureaucratic.

If you have been denied your rightful benefits, you need an advocate. See if the experienced workers' compensation attorneys at Alvey Law Group can help you.

I was injured in an accident

Oregon drivers are required to have automobile insurance that covers at least $25,000 in injury damages. The insurance policy must include uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, and personal injury protection (PIP). It can be very confusing to negotiate who should cover what — especially because insurance companies try to make you settle your claim as quickly as possible.

You need to focus on healing: get a free consultation with an experienced injury lawyer as soon as possible.

I was denied benefits

Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits are supposed to provide assistance to people who are temporarily or permanently unable to work.

However, the paperwork can get very complicated. One error can lead to the denial of a valid claim. Do not try to fight the bureaucracy on your own: talk to an attorney about your options.

Alvey Law Group works on a contingency fee basis: you pay nothing if you do not recover damages. The firm offers a free consultation and convenient meeting times in both Portland and Astoria.

Over 25 years of experience

A native of the mill and fishing town of Coos Bay, Portland attorney Martin L. Alvey knows first-hand the challenges that working people face.

Since 1987, Alvey has been fighting powerful insurance companies and government bureaucracies. Recognized as one of the best workers' compensation lawyers in the state, he has helped people with workers' compensation, injury claims and SSI/SSDI claims all over Oregon.